Cold Laser Center

The Cold Laser Center @Darby Chiropractic, founded by Dr Cari Darby, DC is a unique Violet/Red laser system. The term, ”Cold Laser”, means low level laser therapy. Research on the beneficial effects of low level laser has been cited for years. Pain and inflammation reduction, and natural energy production of ATP in the body, are the hallmarks of this treatment. There are many uses of laser therapy throughout health care. Our system is non heat producing, and is a soothing, relaxing experience.

During a session of Cold Laser Therapy, in a private treatment room, you are relaxing in a comfortable chair, or on a therapy table. Dr Cari decides which laser module is best for you, and on which setting. After the specific, focused laser session, you are welcome to relax further on our Full Body Photobiomodulation (laser) pad in a soothing, comfortable, private treatment room.
The light of the Cold Laser aids in helping your body’s own recuperative processes. We have seen great benefit for many of our patients with this non-invasive, safe, effective, and affordable treatment .

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