Highly Rated Chiropractors in New Iberia

Dr Cari Darby DC & Dr Dave Darby, DC. The ONLY Wife/Husband Chiropractors in New Iberia History! Dr Dave—the First Ever, Native Iberian to Practice Chiropractic for New Iberia, and for Decades!

Voted #1 Chiropractic Clinic in Best of the Teche 2022!

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Affordable & Upfront About Cost; Modern, Advanced Chiropractic; Next Generation Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression; and Hi Tech Cold Laser Therapy—right here in New Iberia—at DARBY! 337-364-6543

Darby Chiropractic offers Effective & Affordable—NON-SURGICAL, DRUG FREE Alternatives for People with Pain: Chronic or Acute Low Back or Neck Pain, Pain between the Shoulder Blades, Degenerative/Bulging Discs, Nerve Pain/Neuropathy, Sciatica, Extremities (including Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis, Scoliosis, Headaches, Sprain/Strain, and a host of other NERVE HEALTH, MUSCLE HEALTH, and SPINE & JOINT HEALTH Concerns within the Chiropractic Scope of Practice.

A Highly Effective, Affordable, Doctor of Chiropractic administered therapy right here in New Iberia!

RIGHT HERE IN NEW IBERIA! Save Time, Save Money, and Stay Close to Home. For years, some people have thought that bigger cities must mean better Doctors and better Equipment. Some may even think that spending more means better care. Simply not the case with Darby Chiropractic. We are changing the way Chiropractic care is provided. We Offer Down Home Family Values, Affordability, and State of the Art Equipment. A Wife/Husband Team of Chiropractic Doctors with over 50 Years of Combined Experience. And we are still more Affordable than you may find in those “bigger city, corporate style clinics”.

Technological advances in Non Surgical Spinal Decompression right here at Darby Chiropractic. Zero Gravity Spinal Decompression Therapy. 21 Specific Protocol Options, with custom tailored treatment plans for each person. Personally provided by Dr Darby, not a technician. And many people tell us we are More Affordable than some other alternatives. Spinal Decompression Therapy sessions are only $60

When Experience Matters, Call DARBY! Doctors of Chiropractic since 1994. You ALWAYS see Dr Darby at Darby Chiropractic.

Simply More—For Less Than You Would Expect. When was the last time you heard that in Health Care—or anywhere for that matter in this economy?

More Convenient Appointment Times for 2023! Early morning, late afternoon, lunch time and Saturday morning times. Scroll down for details.

PRIVATE ADJUSTMENT AND CONSULTATION ROOMS. Dr Darby believes in Old School Doctor/Patient communication, where you can talk and ask questions in private.

The Highest Quality, Custom Built Adjusting Equipment. Chattanooga FX Flexion/Distraction tables—the State of the Art—-multifunctional, solid, built to last. Made in America.🇺🇸 We believe in providing top notch equipment for Dr Dave’s hometown!
Darby Chiropractic utilizes Multiple, Gentle, and Specific Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques—individualized for each person.

Check out all that we offer on our Services page. Many people tell us they love how much we have to offer, the Top Quality Equipment, and our Affordable Prices.


FIRST VISIT $60 Call 337-364-6543

We strive to make our tremendous care Affordable, especially in these tough times. (average cost, not a discount or “special offer”; includes consultation, examination including Precision Biometrics computerized evaluation, and symptom relief treatment with Dr Darby) After your First Visit, Dr Darby will personally work with you to determine the best path forward with a personalized Treatment Plan, utilizing our Top Quality, Hi Tech Equipment, and our Decades of Experience as Affordably as we can offer. If Dr Darby feels that your condition warrants other types of care, he or she, will refer you out to reputable medical providers.

NEUROPATHY SUFFERERS: DRUG FREE RELIEF in New Iberia! The NEUROPATHY PROTOCOL @ Darby Chiropractic. Dr Dave and Dr Cari’s program may offer RELIEF! You get Two Doctors of Chiropractic—a Wife/Husband Team—here to help! Call 337-364-6543 for details.

With Cold Laser Therapy as part of our Neuropathy Protocol, we can help shine a light on a very debilitating condition. We are here to help. Acce

Natural. Safe. Painless. COLD LASER THERAPY @Darby Chiropractic can offer relief and aid in accelerating. the body’s own natural healing capabilities, associated with numerous conditions in the Chiropractic scope of practice including: back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, tendinitis, sprain/strain, and extremity pain, including Plantar Fasciitis. Patients report feeling more energetic, and report improved mobility with this treatment. There are thousands of Scientific Research Articles on this type of treatment. Sessions with Dr Darby are only $60!

Safe, effective Cold Laser Therapy aids in optimizing our Nervous System’s natural recuperative powers. It is a very good, natural, physics based therapy to aid in improving nerve health.

SPINAL STENOSIS, DEGENERATIVE, BULGING DISCS? Non Surgical SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY may be very benefical in improving your Quality of Life. Our Non Surgical Spinal Decompression Protocol has helped many people in our community. Call 337-364-6543. Dr Darby will personally set aside time to talk with you about how we can help.

Meet Your New Iberia Chiropractors

Therapy Bay @Darby Chiropractic. Many people enjoy the soothing, relaxing atmosphere in our therapy area after being Adjusted by Dr Darby.

Highly Rated Chiropractors from the consistently Highest Ranked Chiropractic College in National Board completion ratings!

1994 Graduates of the prestigious, and highly regarded, Cleveland University of Kansas City/College of Chiropractic—which celebrated 100 Years of Excellence in Academic & Clinical Education in 2022!

Dr Dave’s quote was featured at the 100 Year Celebration of Cleveland University-Kansas City!


Call us at 337-364-6543

Professional. Experienced Doctors of Chiropractic with over 50 years of Combined Experience. Conveniently located in New Iberia at 1612 East Main Street, Suite 4. Across from the DMV on Main Street, near the Bowling Alley.

SCHEDULING IS EASY! Call our office at 337-364-6543. Or, message Dr. Darby directly by “liking” our Facebook page (through the link on our website’s menu), and using Messenger). Dr Darby will respond to your request for an appointment personally!

Monday & Wednesday 9a-12p and 2-5p

Tuesday 9a-12p

Thursday 9a-3p (lunch time appointments available)

Friday 9a-12p

It is easy to schedule same day appointments, but we book up fast, so call early. Phone lines are open by 9am weekdays. 337-364-6543

EARLIER MORNING AND LATER AFTERNOON APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE by request for established patients. Dr Darby also will do WEEKEND appointments for established patients.
Dr Darby personally spends Quality Time with each person, listening and explaining—and because we do multiple types of treatments on each visit (and are still affordable)—-APPOINTMENTS ARE PREFERRED.

PRIVATE Adjusting Rooms. Hi Tech Equipment. Reasonable, Affordable Fees. Each person is treated with the utmost respect & compassion, and treatment is specifically individualized for each person’s needs.

Modern Chiropractic in a Comfortable, Relaxing Atmosphere

The COLD LASER CENTER @Darby Chiropractic, by Dr Cari Darby, DC is another Darby Hi Tech service for New Iberia! Click the link to learn more about this Highly Effective, Highly Researched Treatment Option for Pain and Inflammation in the Chiropractic scope of practice.

The Cold Laser Center

1612 East Main Street, Suite 4 in Beautiful New Iberia!

Conveniently located with easy parking, between Main Street and St Peter St in the Simoneaud’s/Cajun Bowl parking lot (across from the DMV)
The mantra of our Alma Mater, Cleveland University of Kansas City/College of Chiropractic & the mantra of Darby Chiropractic.

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