Nerve and/or Bulging Disc related Pain affecting Your Quality of Life? Maybe it is time to call Dr. Darby.

Dr Cari Darby, DC & Dr Dave Darby, DC—Doctors of Chiropractic since 1994. Graduates of The Cleveland University of Kansas City/College of Chiropractic—the Top Ranked in National Board completion rankings, year after year. Two of the Most Experienced Chiropractors in all of Acadiana. The ONLY Wife/Husband Chiropractic Team—working together for Decades—in New Iberia History. Dr Dave, the FIRST & ONLY Native of New Iberia to Practice Chiropractic for New Iberia—for Decades.


We offer ADVANCED CARE for People who need Serious Chiropractic Doctors. No Drugs & No Shots!

Top Quality & Affordable- Chiropractic, Cold Laser, & Zero Gravity Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Degenerative Discs and Nerve Related Symptoms seem to be affecting more and more people. We offer Real World Solutions with our Top Quality Equipment and Decades of Experience.

We focus on Root Causes—and Real World Solutions with the Highest Quality Equipment & Decades of Experience.


The TOP of the LINE in Chiropractic Equipment—Professional, Clinical Grade, RIGHT HERE IN NEW IBERIA!

Conveniently located in New Iberia at 1612 E Main St.

Appointments Monday thru Friday. Saturdays too! Call for details.


5 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ SERVICE—from Doctors of Chiropractic who are Here for You, and Really Care! You will ALWAYS see Dr. Darby—never a substitute or junior associate with less experience. Over the Decades—Everybody knows—Everybody goes to DARBY!

Advanced Non Surgical, Drug Free Treatment for People with:

Back and Neck Pain, Nerve Pain, Degenerative/Bulging Discs, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Headaches, Scoliosis, Hand/Arm Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Pain Between the Shoulder Blades, Tech Neck, and a host of other Nerve/Muscle/Skeletal Issues. Through the Decades, while treating their Spine, our patients even report relief from Acid Reflux, Allergies/Sinus Pressure, Constipation, and Insomnia. Chiropractic—naturally—helps your Nervous system regulate the function of your body without drugs or shots. Especially, at our clinic, people tell us they just feel more at ease—and less stressed overall.

Why Choose DARBY?

A Soothing, Healing, true Family Atmosphere. From the moment you walk in, through the time that you can relax in our Therapy Bay, you will know that you are amongst people who really care. People tell us that a visit at our office is one of the Best Parts of Their Day!

Making a Difference for the Hard Working Families of our area. Simply More, for Less Than You May Expect.


We have the Experience–literally, DECADES of EXPERIENCE. We have Top Quality Equipment–Custom Built for Dr. Darby, Hi Tech, and Clinical Grade. We have the Commitment–you NEVER see a substitute, or junior associate at Darby Chiropractic. A Separate & Distinct Chiropractic Clinic, but we regularly collaborate with only the most reputable and experienced Medical Professionals, with absolutely No Conflict of Interest. In other words, People are put ahead of profits here.

New Iberia, St Martinville, Broussard, and all the surrounding communities—Experience the DARBY Difference!

Just call 337-364-6543

Relieve Nerve Pain; Reduce Inflammation; Help Accelerate the Body’s Natural Healing Process in the Chiropractic Scope of Practice with COLD LASER THERAPY.

The Cold Laser Center

Safe. Painless. Effective. The COLD LASER CENTER @Darby Chiropractic can offer relief and aid in accelerating the body’s own natural healing capabilities, associated with numerous conditions in the Chiropractic scope of practice including: back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, tendinitis, sprain/strain, and extremity pain, including Plantar Fasciitis. Patients report feeling more energetic, and report improved mobility with this treatment. There are thousands of Scientific Research Articles on this type of treatment.

Sessions with Dr Darby average only $60!

Stock Photo of Microscope projection of muscle cell Mitochondria. The image on the left has diminished Mitochondria, which can lead to fat infiltration, and increased pro- inflammatory agents—possibly leading to decreased energy, difficulty healing, and to quote Dr David Seaman—“dry rotting” of muscles and tendons. The increased inflammation can lead to excess calcium buildup—which some people refer to as spurs, when near bone.

You don’t necessarily need to drive ALL THE WAY to other towns, spending more money on gas and getting stuck in traffic. We have so much to offer. And you may find that we are MORE AFFORDABLE too! Located in the heart of beautiful New Iberia at 1612 East Main Street (across from the DMV)

The DISC HEALTH CENTER @Darby Chiropractic

Finally, an AFFORDABLE option for people suffering with Degenerative Discs. Average Session with Dr. Darby is only $60!

Non Surgical—Zero Gravity Spinal Decompression Therapy can aid in reducing Intradiscal Pressure, helping to alleviate symptoms, and helping to restore balance for the Spinal Discs. Safe and Effective. No drugs, No shots, No surgery.

Spinal Discs are very important in our overall Health. If they undergo Degeneration, we can lose overall height. This can affect our posture, blood flow, and nerve flow in negative ways. This can affect our ability to move freely. The more compressed our Discs become, bulging and herniation can affect our lives even more. Sometimes, Dependence upon Drugs, Shots, and Surgeries becomes a part of some people’s lives.

When looking for a Chiropractic Doctor, wouldn’t it be a good idea to find someone who really knows what serious Back Pain can feel like?

Dr Darby Knows

Hi, my name is Dr. Dave Darby. You know the Darby Family Name in New Iberia. My Grandfather, Louis Sr and my Dad, Louis Jr, served this community for decades. They were known for their Honor and Integrity. I was the First Native Iberian to become a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, and return home—and the Only Native Iberian to Practice Chiropractic for New Iberia for Decades. I was born with a Spondylolisthesis, which has led to a severely Degenerative L5 Disc. This has led me to seek out the Best Treatment, and Best Equipment for severe Back Problems. I believe my condition helps me to better understand what some people may be going through. With Chiropractic Care, Cold Laser, and Spinal Decompression Therapy—at 54 years old, I am in the best shape of my life. Not dependent on prescription drugs. We will do our best to help you too!


Always Accepting New Patients. Average FIRST VISIT ONLY $60 Call 337-364-6543

Hi Tech, Computerized Spinal Analysis is a part of your First Visit at Darby Chiropractic.

—PRIVATE ADJUSTING ROOMS with Advanced, Top of the Line Adjusting & FLEX/D Tables—custom built to Dr Darby’s exact specifications.

PRIVATE ADJUSTMENT AND CONSULTATION ROOMS. Dr Darby believes in Old School Doctor/Patient communication, where you can talk and ask questions in private.

The Highest Quality, Custom Built Adjusting Equipment. Chattanooga FX Flexion/Distraction tables—the State of the Art—-multifunctional, solid, built to last. Made in America.🇺🇸 We believe in providing top notch equipment for Dr Dave’s hometown!
We Focus on Root Causes of Symptoms, with Decades of Experience, Scientifically Valid & Common Sense Approaches.

Restricted mobility, Misalignment, Altered Posture. These problems can affect Nerve health, and lead to Inflammation—cellular biochemical changes, abnormal Muscle tone and function—resulting in Severe Pain, and possibly Accelerated Degeneration. These Misalignments, if left unchecked and untended to, can possibly affect a person’s Quality of Life, making it hard to do the basic things we need to do day in and day out; hard to move; hard to work; and hard to enjoy time with Family. We address all 5 aspects of VSC in a comprehensive & common sense manner with Decades of Experience and Top Notch Equipment. We know what it means to take care of a Family—so we strive to be Affordable.

SCHEDULING IS EASY! Call our office at 337-364-6543. Or, message Dr. Darby directly by “liking” our Facebook page (through the link on our website’s menu, and using Messenger). Dr Darby will respond to your request for an appointment personally!

Monday & Wednesday 9a-12p and 2-5p

Tuesday 9a-12p

Thursday 9a-5p (lunchtime appointments available)

Friday 9a-12p

EARLIER MORNING (8a) and LATER AFTERNOON (after 5p) APPOINTMENTS by request for established patients. Dr Darby also will do WEEKEND appointments for established patients.
Dr Darby personally spends Quality Time with each person, listening to you, and answering your questions—and because we do multiple types of treatments on each visit (and are still affordable)—-APPOINTMENTS ARE PREFERRED.

1612 East Main Street, Suite 4 in Beautiful New Iberia!

Conveniently located with easy parking, between Main Street and St Peter St in the Simoneaud’s/Cajun Bowl parking lot (across from the DMV)

Highly Rated Doctors of Chiropractic. 1994 Graduates of the prestigious, highly regarded, and consistently Top Ranked in National Boards—Cleveland University of Kansas City/College of Chiropractic—which celebrated 100 Years of Excellence in Academic & Clinical Education in 2022! Of the 17 Chiropractic colleges, Cleveland consistently ranks #1 in Board Completion ratings, by nearly 10 points on average. This is indicative of the strength of its Doctor of Chiropractic training. Dr. Dave & Dr. Cari are two of the very few Cleveland graduates in the region.

Dr Dave’s quote was featured at the 100 Year Celebration of Cleveland University-Kansas City!


Call us at 337-364-6543

Professional. Experienced Doctors of Chiropractic with over 50 years of Combined Experience. Conveniently located in New Iberia at 1612 East Main Street, Suite 4. Across from the DMV on Main Street, near the Bowling Alley.


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