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Welcome to Darby Chiropractic of New Iberia! 

A New Iberia Original, since 1999. Exceptional Service, Hi Tech Equipment, and Down Home Common Sense, Hands-On, Old School Chiropractic Care.

1612 E. Main St  Ste 4

New Iberia, LA


Darby Chiropractic is a family based practice dedicated to sincerely helping people live life to its fullest. With Dr. Dave being the ONLY  Doctor of Chiropractic who is a Native of New Iberia to ever maintain a Chiropractic clinic in New Iberia over the decades, and Dr. Dave and Dr. Cari the only husband and wife Chiropractor team in the area, we truly are the family, downhome/hometown Chiropractic clinic. Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City Graduates, Doctor of  Chiropractic Class of 1994.

Healing—Spine, Body, and Soul.  Many people tell us a visit to our office is one of the best parts of their day.  A place for healing—like coming home to visit close friends and family. 

The Darby family name has stood for Quality, Integrity, Caring, and Compassion for decades in New Iberia.

Our name represents who we are and what we do.  At DARBY CHIROPRACTIC, the Chiropractic Adjustment is the Hallmark of treatment at our clinic.  Skilled Doctors of Chiropractic for decades, and mentored by true legends in the Chiropractic Profession, people tell us that they cannot believe how smooth and easy Dr. Darby’s hands on, specific Adjustments are. Plus, at Darby Chiropractic, you will always see Dr. Darby, never a substitute associate Doctor with less experience—never someone whom you don’t know.  Drs. Darby goal is to practice Chiropractic until 100 years old—so we aren’t going anywhere!

We want to help you and your family live a healthier life through our experience, dedication, and commitment to you. With over 50 years of combined experience, we promise to always give you our best.  We are a Hi Tech, yet downhome Chiropractic clinic offering gentle, hands on Chiropractic Adjustments, Myovision sEMG and Infrared Thermovision spinal analysis, private Adjusting rooms with the Top of the Line Chattanooga ERGOFLEX FX Flex/D tables, and our comprehensive therapy bay including 2 Autoflex Therapy tables, Specific Myofascial Technique, Electrical Muscle Stim with Russian Stim, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Intersegmental Traction, Hydromassage, luxurious CozziaMassage Chair, Exercise and Stretching Routines and Recommendations with direct one on one work with Dr. Darby, Vibration Plate, and Reflex Footwork by Dr. Dave Darby, DC.

We also are proud to introduce the Violet-Red wavelength Cold Laser Center by Dr. Cari Darby, DC to New Iberia. Our Cold Laser Center utilizes numerous Cold Lasers and Full Body Photobiomodulation.New-FX 

We treat each person as a person, not as a number.  We strive to make our care affordable for the working families of our area.  

Call us at 337.364.6543 and follow us on Facebook!