Chiropractic, Cold Laser, and Spinal Decompression Therapy Services.
All of our equipment is State of the Art. (Scroll down for pictures)

State of the Art Chiropractic Adjusting Tables—the Chattanooga Ergostyle FX–specifically designed and custom built for Dr. Darby–both Adjusting tables in PRIVATE Adjusting Rooms. Our custom built equipment allows for the multiple Techniques Dr Darby uses, with specific, and smooth Adjustments. Additionally, you will always see Dr Darby at Darby Chiropractic, never a substitute.

Violet/Red Cold Laser Therapy, by Dr Cari Darby. A Cold Laser system for helping reduce pain and inflammation that is non-thermal/non heat generating. Aids in ATP energy production, and in helping accelerate the body’s own recuperative powers through the power of light. The only Violet/Red Cold Laser system in the New Iberia area, to our knowledge.

Ergoflex Zero Gravity Spinal Decompression Therapy designed for degenerative, or bulging discs, and aids in improving posture. This is Next Generation technology with 21 protocols to aid in treatment for bulging, degenerative discs. A luxurious leather chair that reclines you into a comfortable zero gravity position as Dr Darby determines which protocol is best for your condition. Ergoflex, is a unique form of Spinal Decompression therapy that helps take pressure off the Spine, with no claustrophobic harnesses, and no pulleys. The Ergoflex also has the unique capability of laterally flexing the Spine to relieve nerve pressure.

Precision Biometrics MyoVision Computerized Spinal EMG and ThermoVision scans, as part of your exam. These rapid, non-invasive thermal and electromyograph scans utilize hi tech means of detecting specific Spinal levels of nerve irritation, asymmetrical muscle tone—and aid the Doctors in objectively documenting Spinal Subluxations.

EuroTech Auto FLEXion/Distraction treatment tables aid in alleviating nerve pressure, stretching tight muscles, and help rehab the multifidi muscles of the Spine, which help protect spinal discs

Clinical Grade Interferential Muscle Stim with Russian Stim. State of the Art LSI and Richmar equipment. Dr Darby also utilizes Functional EStim at times.
Highly effective, with decades of time tested results. Top of the line equipment.

Microcurrent therapy to help accelerate the healing process. Different from EStim in many ways, Microcurrent is subsensory, which is very soothing and relaxing.

Ultrasound Therapy to reduce inflammation and aid in soft tissue healing.

Intersegmental Traction Roller Table for the Spine.

MyoGun and Specific Myofascial Therapy by Dr Darby.

Soothing, heated Hydromassage therapy.

Back mapping ultra luxurious top grade leather Massage Chairs—ultra hi tech Cozzia and Best Massage name brands.

Nutritional consulting, and nutritional supplement consulting, although we do not sell supplements in our clinic. We do recommend highly respected brands, though.

Stretching and exercise recommendations by Dr. Darby to aid in posture, core stabilization, tone and strength Isometric/Isotonic, Vibration Plate, Ab Doer, Bands and Tubing, Fitball, Free Weights, and Kettle bell in office. Dr Darby performs PNF stretching also for patients.

Medical Referrals when needed—promptly.

Xrays ordered when needed, and all xrays interpreted by a Medical Radiologist, and Dr. Darby. MRI ordered also, when necessary.

Dr. Darby follows up, and checks on patients much like the Doctors of the good old days, also. It is just something we do. All reports are read, and reported to patients in a timely, prompt manner. Dr Darby explains everything in great detail, without letting terminology overwhelm, or cause anxiety for patients. We feel Experience Matters, and Sincerity Counts. Dr Darby will not keep you waiting for days, worrying about an xray, or test result.

Gentle, electric assist Instrument Adjusting for patients who are better served without cavitational “popping” type of Adjustments (similar to Activator, but with repetitive impulses), also offered for patients who need a more gentle Adjustment. There is no “popping” or “cracking” sound with this type of Adjustment. Instrumentation in Chiropractic has been around for over 100 years, and research shows its effectiveness.

***But Dr. Darby primarily uses Traditional HANDS ON Chiropractic Adjustments, with a smooth “Audible Release”(which is the release of CO2 & Nitrogen joint gases from proper movement—-which patients feel and hear when being treated), including Full Spine Specific Technique, Diversified Technique, Gonstead Technique, Thompson Technique. Our Adjusting Tables accommodate the multiple Adjusting Techniques which Dr. Darby uses.

ADJUSTMENTS are done in Private Adjustment Rooms.


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