The Cold Laser Center featuring our Violet/Red laser system and Full Body Photobiomodulation Suite

MyoVision Computerized Spinal Analysis with sEMG and Infrared Thermovision along with Chiropractic examination by Dr. Darby

Thorough explanation of the Doctor’s Findings, with emphasis on the 5 Components of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), in relation to the Spine and Whole Body including Nerve Health, Functional Health, Cellular Health, Structural Health, and Kinesiological Health from a Chiropractic standpoint utilizing numerous 3D charts and models.  Knowledge is Power—and Dr. Darby will spend quality time discussing your condition and concerns with you, as a friend and as your Chiropractic Doctor

Comprehensive, scientifically valid, and common sense approach to treatment

Decades of Real World Experience, Skilled in Chiropractic Technique

Gentle, Hands-on Chiropractic Adjustments in a Private Adjusting Setting utilizing multiple, gentle Chiropractic Techniques including: Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson. Extremely Low Force Instrument Guided Impulse Adjusting and Activator is also used in certain circumstances for patients with Osteoporosis, or who need extremely gentle treatment.  

Flex D Therapy in multiple, private areas

The All New, Top of the Line Chattanooga ErgoFlex FX Treatment Tables–a Darby Chiropractic exclusive for New Iberia

Specific Myofascial Technique—(Hands On by Dr Darby, and MyoGun instrument.

Hydromassage Therapy

Intersegmental Traction

Cozzia Massage Chair

Electrical Muscle Stimulation with Nerve Block and Russian Stim

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Reflex Footwork—(by Dr. Dave Darby, DC)

Nutritional and nutritional supplementation counseling and recommendations

Exercise, stretching, vibration plate, and general physical fitness routines and recommendations directly with Dr. Darby

Medical Referrals when needed, including all xrays, when necessary, interpreted by a Medical Radiologist and by Dr. Darby

Referrals for MRI when necessary